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Welcome to Eversol

EverSOL Stake Pool Litepaper

What are stake pools on Solana?

In Solana, stake pools provide a way to delegate SOL to a few validators based on the delegation strategy rather than to an individual validator.
Deciding which validators to delegate to requires technical skill and ongoing maintenance. With a stake pool, delegators can task a “stake pool manager” with deciding how to best delegate SOL. Typically, the delegation strategy will delegate SOL across more than one validator, according to some delegation criteria (strategy).

Why stake pools?

The main benefits of the stake pools are:
  • The partnership with liquidity providers contributes to the DeFi ecosystem growth.
  • The liquid stake pool tokens bring additional income in the form of additional DeFi rewards, in contrast with staking to an individual validator where APY falls over time with the set inflation schedule.
  • Network decentralization. Eversol aims to increase decentralization with its delegation strategy, in which the validators are selected according to key performance parameters and up to 3 validators from the super minority group to increase the pool's stability.

What differentiates Eversol from other stake pools?

Eversol's main concept is to dedicate a percentage of the pool rewards (currently, 1% in the proposed scheme of Fees and Rewards Distribution) to the Stake Pool's Treasury, to fund the co-marketing activities with prospective projects built on Solana. Unlike other stake pools, we will directly facilitate and boost the DeFi ecosystem by helping new apps and products come to be known! We will help with co-marketing activities, useful business contacts, technical expertise, and consider the most voted project as a recipient of funding from Everstake Capital.
Important: staking rewards distribution doesn't influence the delegator's income.
The APY of the pool is calculated according to the formula and is not affected by this allocation. When the delegator unstakes, the eSOL-SOL conversion happens based on the current Rate of Exchange and the APY of the pool.
EVS DAO operates the Treasury and decides on the funds' distribution. The DAO fund will be used to finance co-marketing activities with prospective projects built on Solana, to support the ecosystem growth.
Read more in Vision.

The Team behind Eversol

Eversol is a Solana staking pool launched by one of the largest validators on Solana – Everstake Company. Everstake has a proven record of high-quality products development for various blockchains. Some of our products:
We have also helped to develop SolStarter, Audius, and several parts of SPL (Solana Network).

About Everstake

Everstake is a team of experienced developers, financial experts, and blockchain enthusiasts. We run highly secure and reliable nodes for PoS protocols using enterprise-level hardware to ensure maximum efficiency and security.
Everstake is one of the top validators in the staking industry worldwide. The company was founded in 2018 and has grown rapidly with 625,000+ delegators, having staked over $6.2 billion in crypto assets (as of September 2022). Each of its validating nodes is constantly maintained by pro-DevOps and seasoned assistants in more than 45 blockchains. In case of downtime, it can be backed by a reserve node which could be switched to immediately. That is why uptime is stable at ≈99.9%.
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