Stake accounts feature

Liquid Staking Basics

The Stake Accounts feature is useful for those users who have active stakes and would like to transfer their stake to the Eversol stake pool without unstaking and very easily. And use received eSOL tokens in DeFi.

If the users have already staked SOL with some validator and want to participate in staking with Eversol, they can use Stake accounts feature to transfer stake from the validator to the Eversol stake pool without an unstaking.


  1. 1.
    Let's assume that we have staked with a validator previously and got two staking accounts. They can be displayed in our wallet or on this tab.
2. We can choose a stake, which we want to transfer to the Eversol stake pool
3. After clicking on the button “Deposit”, we should approve this transaction in our wallet
4. After approving the transaction we received eSOL tokens, which means everything was done successfully and we can use them. Eversol's eSOL tokens can be used across partnering DeFi protocols for trading, swapping, adding liquidity, etc., to unlock the full profit potential.
5. And after these steps, our transferred SOL stake disappeared from the list.