Instant Unstake

Liquid Staking Basics

Instant unstake - the best way to unstake tokens instantly is by skipping Solana cool-down period

After deligation, users of Eversol can unstake their tokens. There are two options: Instant unstake (fast) and standard unstake (slowly).

Standard unstake

Solana has epochs - the time, i.e., number of slots, for which a leader schedule is valid. An epoch is approximately 2-3 days long.
You have to wait for the end of the current epoch, and your stake will be deactivated with the beginning of a new epoch. After this, you can withdraw the tokens within your wallet in compliance with standard Solana staking terms.

Instant unstake

Eversol Stake Pool provides liquidity for instant unstake using the functionality proposed by the standard Solana stake pool smart contract (pool's reserve account), plus the minimum initial liquidity provided by Everstake.
Delegators can unstake instantly, skipping Solana cool-down period (an epoch, or 2-3 days) if there is enough unstake liquidity in the pool. The Instant Unstake fee is 0.5%.

As a result

Using Unstake, tokens are unavailable immediately (status “Deactivating”). Users should wait for the end of the Solana cool-down period. Using the Instant Unstake feature, the tokens are unstacked instantly and immediately available.