Fees and Rewards Distribution


Eversol stake pool charges a deposit fee of 0.25% – an ongoing pool management fee, to ensure the stake pool's smooth and stable operation, as well as marketing needs.
When a delegator deposits 100 SOL, 100 eSOL is minted by protocol, from which 0.25 eSOL will be sent to the pool manager account while the remaining 99.75 eSOL will be sent to the delegator's account.
We do not charge any withdrawal fee.

Staking rewards distribution

Eversol stake pool allocates staking rewards as follows:
  • 7% is allocated to Eversol Treasury. The Eversol DAO operates the Treasury and decides on the funds' distribution. The DAO fund will be used to finance the promising products being built on Solana, to support the ecosystem growth.
  • 92% adds to the SOL balance and increases the rate of exchange.
  • 1.0% is allocated to Eversol (pool management fee) to support the pool operation.
"Note that the epoch fee is charged after normal validator commissions are assessed. For example, if a validator charges 8% commission, and the stake pool charges 1%, and a stake in the pool earns 100 SOL pre-commission, then that stake will enrich the pool by 91.08 SOL. The total rewards on that validator will be reduced by ~8.92%" (Source).
Important: staking rewards distribution doesn't influence the delegator's income.
The APY of the pool is calculated according to the formula and is not affected by this allocation. When the delegator unstakes, the eSOL-SOL conversion happens based on the current Rate of Exchange and the APY of the pool.