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EVERSTAKE (UK) LIMITED, Eversol Platform ("We")

  • We do not provide investment advice, nor do we make any recommendations as to whether you should purchase tokens or any other digital asset.
  • We do not make any representations of the potential appreciation in the value of the staked digital asset.
  • We do not provide any guarantees or make any commitments as to the amount of staking rewards to be earned through your delegation.
  • We do not advertise or promote staking rewards as a profit opportunity by utilizing words such as "income," "profit," "yield", "reward".
  • Delegating to our stake pool does not involve transferring or legally assigning the digital asset or the rights thereof. We provide our delegators access to the protocol.
  • We do not control the inflation or staking rate or any other parameters of the protocol.
  • We set competitive fees within the parameters of the system to provide the best possible ROI to our delegators.
All the information on this website – eversol.one – is published in good faith and for general information purposes only. We do not make any warranties about the completeness, reliability and accuracy of this information. Any action you take upon the information you find on this website (eversol.one) is strictly at your own risk. EVERSTAKE (UK) LIMITED will not be liable for any losses and/or damages in connection with the use of our website.
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Kindly note that you face risks in obtaining eSOL, keeping eSOL, utilizing eSOL for Eversol finance involvement. In the worst case, it might result in losing everything or a part of SOL, eSOL, or other LP assets that you operate within DeFi.

Several provisions and Coercive measures

In the legal competence, the regulatory position of Eversol, and distributed ledger technology are ambiguous or unclear. The management of crypto assets has become the main focus of legislation in all major global governments. It is hard to anticipate when, where, and how governing bodies would employ current rules or develop federal guidelines about such innovation and its implementations, such as Eversol Stake Pool.
Control measures might have a variety of adverse consequences for Eversol. If the control measures, changes in law or regulation render it unlawful or economically unattractive to acquire the requisite regulatory approval(s) to perform in a jurisdiction, the Company, the Distributor (or their subsidiaries) may suspend activity in that court. The Company and Distributor acquire a legal analysis on token distribution and can run a business in compliance with existing industry norms after engaging with plenty of legal advisers to eliminate possible risks.

Data Disclaimer

Eversol is still at the stage of permanent development. Its guidelines, general agreement processes, protocols, codes, and many other technical features and specifications may be modified and altered regularly. Even though in-question Litepaper provides the most up-to-date content on Eversol. It is not entirely finalized and can be amended and improved by the Eversol team. The Eversol does not have the ability or duty to keep users up to date on every aspect (particularly the latest progress and anticipated benchmarks) of the project, therefore incomplete information sharing is necessary.


A wide range of decentralized platforms and apps are ever-expanding, and the market is becoming more efficient and profitable. Various systems utilize the identical code and protocol underpinning Eversol to re-establish common characteristics. Eversol is supposed to compete with the aforementioned networks, putting the project at risk.

Potential Reduction

The Eversol growth is heavily reliant on the current technical staff and professional consultants, all of whom are extremely competent and well-versed in related disciplines. Member departure might have a negative impact on Eversol's ongoing growth. Furthermore, the team's stability and cohesion are crucial to Eversol's ultimate effectiveness.

Development Setback

There exists a high likelihood that Eversol's progression will not proceed as originally intended due to many factors, including, but not limited to, a drop in the value of any digital currency, asset, or eSOL, sudden and unexpected related glitches, or a lack of financial support for operations.

Weak Security Aspects

Some attackers, including hackers, can try to affect Eversol in various ways, such as malware attacks, consensus attacks, Sybil attacks, denial of service attacks, and other cyber security threats. In addition, there remains the risk that a member of the company or related persons could intentionally or unintentionally bring weaknesses to the core infrastructure of Eversol, thus negatively impacting Eversol. Furthermore, the prospect of cryptographic functions and security developments is extremely uncertain, and rapid advancements in cryptosystem or tech progress (including, but not limited to, the advancement of quantum mechanics) could pose unforeseen circumstances to eSOL and/or eSOL Finance by representing the cryptographic consensus mechanism underlying the blockchain protocol.

Additional Risks

Furthermore, the aforementioned risks are not entirely complete, and there are additional ones (read also the Terms of Use) aligned with your willingness to participate in the Eversol stake Pool, as well as the acquisition, maintenance, and use of eSOL, even those that the Company or the Distributor cannot predict. Unexpected changes or elements of the foregoing risks may also manifest as such risks. Before taking the first step and participating and/or obtaining eSOL, you should do a thorough background check on the product, as well as comprehend the overarching structure, goal, and strategy of the Eversol Stake Pool.