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Saber eSOL-SOL Pool

Read the announcement about Saber partnership with Eversol to create the first Saber eSOL-SOL LP, making staking on Solana liquid and accessible to all:
For Saber pools, the new epoch begins every Wednesday, therefore every Wednesday the rewarders get refreshed. However, people can vote on the pool with their veSBR for the next week.

How it works

The community is prompt to vote on Saber eSOL-SOL LP, for it to provide the rewards, with SBR locked into veSBR tokens.
For that, the token holders who own SBR, should stake ("lock") them into veSBR via Tribeca, to be able to vote on the gauges. Lock tokens for a longer period for the maximum voting power.
Lock SBR –> get veSBR. Vote via Tribeca with veSBR for Saber eSOL-SOL LP –> earn higher APY using the pool. The more token holders voted for our pool, the more rewards they can earn by using the pool.
Note that you don't pay anything apart from a network commission fee (0.00005 SOL) and DEXes commissions when you swap SOL to SBR, and later on lock it for veSBR, as well as vote on gauges for Saber eSOL-SOL LP. All Solana transactions are super fast to process and cost pretty nothing. In return, you gain voting power that helps you and other delegators gain the MAX returns from using Saber eSOL-SOL LP afterwards.
Once the SBR tokens lockup period is over, feel free to exchange them back for SOL, or use them however you wish.

Guide on voting

  1. 1.
    Obtain some amount of SBR tokens via Orca, Raydium, or Kraken. Use Phantom Wallet, or any other available wallet to connect to DEXes. In the example below we use Orca as one of the easiest ways (choose SBR token, press "Setup" for the initial trx, then "Exchange").
2. Once done, proceed to the locker on Tribeca to stake (lock) SBR to veSBR:
3. Press "Lock" and approve the trx in the wallet:
4. Success! Your SBR is now locked and you obtained veSBR that can be used for voting. Lock tokens for a longer time for the maximum voting power. Let's proceed to vote. Open Gauges on Tribeca and connect your wallet:
5. Press "Cast votes" under "Your Gauge votes":
6. Filter the pool to "esol" in the search field to find Saber eSOL-SOL LP and enter the amount of veSBR tokens you own to ensure the maximum voting power is used. Press "Update weights":
7. Press "Execute all" to cast the votes:
8. Awesomeness! You have voted successfully and Saber eSOL-SOL LP will now represent higher staking rewards with the new epoch.
9. Yaahoooo!! Now you can deposit your eSOL liquid tokens to Saber's eSOL-SOL Pool and earn an additional APY for your eSOL!
Earn more while receiving your usual SOL staking rewards in the original Eversol Stake Pool:
10. After your SBR tokens lockup period is over, feel free to withdraw tokens and use them however you wish (swop back to SOL, for example).