Orca USDH-eSOL Whirlpool

Firstly, you have to have eSOL in your wallet. If you do not have eSOL, you need to visit eversol.one and stake your SOL. After receiving eSOL you can get perks from DeFi!


  1. 1.
    Visit Orca Whirlpools (also you can see all available pairs on Eversol De-Fi page.
  2. 2.
    Connect wallet
3. Find USDH/eSOL pair
4. Here is the video of the tutorial. This video is worth watching!
5. Choose Set price range
We chose the Custom one:
In our case, we need to contribute 47% ESOL and 53% USDH.
6. Next, you need to deposit your funds, and turn on the function Match deposit ratio. A part of eSOL will be sold for USDH. You can also contribute both ESOL and USDH separately, if you have enough USDH and eSOL in your wallet
7. Confirm the transaction in your wallet.
8. After confirming the deposit of funds in your wallet, you receive an NFT - which indicates that you have deposited your liquidity portfolio! This NFT cannot be sold, burned, or transferred, because in that cases your rights to the portfolio will be revoked! The portfolio is owned by the one who owns the NFT! NFT should be sent to Solana's address from which the deposit was made.
9. Successful deposits look like this: