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EVS Tokenomics

Eversol DAO – contributing to Solana DeFi

Eversol Stake Pool is built using the standard Solana contract, but we want it to be special – different from existing Solana stake pools. This is why Eversol directs the percentage of the pool rewards to the Stake Pool's Treasury.
The EVS DAO will operate the Treasury and decide on the funds' distribution. The DAO will be in charge of financing Solana ecosystem projects proposed and upvoted by the community.
In order to make this happen, Eversol Stake Pool is launching the EVS governance token that represents the voting power in the DAO governance and the ownership of the EVS DAO.
Propose the Solana project that you want to support through the form here!

EVS Supply

Max supply: 100,000,000 EVS.
  • 75% is allocated to EVS DAO Reserve.
  • 25% will be allocated to EVS Strategic Reserve and used to finance strategic initiatives, partnerships, marketing needs, as well as possible airdrops.
We do not intend to launch a private or public sale. There are no private investors and no VC fund behind Eversol. EVS tokens are allocated for DAO Reserve and Strategic Reserve to incentivize the community and liquidity providers, support strategic initiatives.
In the future, we are considering the possibility of linking EVS tokens distribution with certain marketing initiatives, using tokens to reduce the costs of staking (in a shape of a cashback), or as a part of the Referral Program.

The main purposes of introducing the governance token:

  • Provide Eversol delegators with voting power, for them to play a key role in the Treasury distribution. Incentivize delegators in the longer perspective.
  • Incentivize liquidity providers within eSOL liquidity pools by allocating EVS tokens as additional rewards.
  • Token utilization through strategic partnerships within the DeFi ecosystem, to facilitate full profit potential for stake pool delegators.