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EVS Partnerships Program

We are working on releasing the EVS Partnerships Program incentivizing strategic partners in Q2'2022. The program will use the funds from the DAO Strategic Reserve maintaining strategic partnerships, marketing needs, and airdrops.
Liquidity providers, media partners, wallets, or another strategic partners will be able to obtain EVS Governance tokens for the liquidity or other services provided.
Possible scenarios:
The liquidity provider would get EVS tokens allocation in exchange for a large enough amounts of liquidity added to eSOL-SOL, eSOL-USDC, etc. liquidity pools (on Raydium, Atrium, Saber, etc.).
The media partners would be able to obtain EVS tokens allocation for marketing, promotion, etc. services.
The SOL compatible wallets would be able to integrate Eversol staking API and obtain EVS tokens allocation in return.
The strategic partners can also use obtained EVS governance tokens to upvote the DeFi projects same as delegators do; use tokens in the third-side protocols and earn additional benefits through DeFi options (swap/borrow/add liquidity/trade).