EVS DAO Reserve

Earn EVS governance tokens by staking to the pool
EVS DAO Treasury is filled by the allocation of the pool staking rewards share – nowadays it is 1%. It will be operated by the community, which will decide on the funds' distribution through the Governance mechanism. Each delegator will be able to vote for Solana projects selected by the community with the pool governance token. Read more.
How to obtain EVS tokens?

EVS DAO Reserve tokens emission

As a part of EVS DAO Reserve, the EVS tokens can be acquired through staking to the Eversol stake pool.
Stake longer and, as a result, earn more EVS tokens. With more tokens, you obtain more voting power and hence influence the funds' distribution.

Earn EVS for SOL staking

Each stake pool delegator will earn governance tokens!
The exact amount of tokens minted for stake depends on how long the SOL tokens were delegated to the pool (the time period between the staking and unstaking transactions). On the charts below the curve represents the number of received tokens for various periods of time.
EVS governance tokens will be minted automatically each epoch and issued to the delegator every "n" epochs. (initially, parameter “n” is set to 3).
Note: every "week" includes 3 epochs (≈7-8 days) and doesn't correlate with the calendar week.
Chart #1 (smaller scale): for each 1 SOL staked,
  • in 6 epochs the delegator obtains ≈1 EVS;
  • in 12 epochs the delegator obtains ≈2.4 EVS;
  • in 24 epochs the delegator obtains ≈5.7 EVS;
  • in 30 epochs the delegator obtains ≈7.7 EVS, and so forth.
Chart #2 (larger scale): for each 1 SOL staked,
  • in 100 epochs the delegator obtains ≈47.8 EVS;
  • in 200 epochs the delegator obtains ≈158.8 EVS;
  • in 300 epochs the delegator obtains ≈322.4 EVS, and so forth.

Why earn and hold EVS tokens?

EVS holders will be able to decide on the Solana ecosystem projects to be supported financially by the DAO. The voting is done through EVS DAO in a few simple steps:
  • connect the wallet;
  • deposit the tokens to DAO by clicking the "Deposit" button;
  • once the tokens are deposited, feel free to choose the projects from the list that you want to support and upvote those.
Further on, we aim to partner with DeFi liquidity protocols and create liquidity/trade/swop EVS pools and pairs to integrate the token fully into the Solana ecosystem. This will provide additional options for EVS holders to benefit from.

Voting Mechanism

  1. 1.
    To vote, the user needs to deposit EVS tokens to the DAO interface.
  2. 2.
    The delegators can vote even with a fraction of the EVS token.
  3. 3.
    The delegators can vote for a few proposals (projects). The more tokens you have, the more proposals you can vote for.
  4. 4.
    Each proposal has a voting quorum and a voting period.
  5. 5.
    The delegator can withdraw tokens immediately after the proposal was finalized. The delegator can also withdraw tokens before that – but this would cancel his vote.
  6. 6.
    The delegator can use EVS tokens then however he wants.

Who will be in charge of the projects list to be upvoted?

– The Solana community members themselves!
Everyone can now submit the project they find interesting, through the form on the Eversol website. The form lists a few criteria for the candidate projects to avoid scammy ones.