DAO Voting guide

For staking SOL in our stake pool, in addition to Esol, you get EVS governance tokens, which can be used to vote in Eversol DAO.

Also, you can find a link on our website “Proceed to DAO” in the DAO tab.
We are on the Eversol DAO page. Let’s connect our wallet.
Now our wallet is connected, and we have EVS tokens there. Also, we SHOULD have some SOL to cover the network fee.
We should deposit EVS tokens to our DAO account for voting by clicking on the “Deposit” button.
Then we need to approve the transaction in our wallet.
Now, EVS tokens have been deposited into our DAO account.
Right now, we can see all proposals which are in Eversol DAO.
Choose a project to learn more about it!
The project's page contains brief information about it:
  1. 1.
    Name of the project
  2. 2.
    Link to the official website
  3. 3.
    Description of the project
  4. 4.
If you like a project, choose "Vote Yes”. If you do not like it, select “Vote No”.
Let's assume that we like this project after reviewing the information about it. That is why we want to select "Vote Yes". Also, we have an opportunity to leave a comment (this is optional, you can write nothing there). Then click on the button “Vote Yes”.
We need to approve the transaction in our wallet.
Hooray! Transaction confirmed. Every vote is significant. Let's support projects in the Solana ecosystem together.