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eSOL in DeFi

Eversol's eSOL tokens can be used across partnering DeFi protocols for trading, swapping, adding liquidity, etc., to unlock the full profit potential.

Liquidity Pools

Add liquidity to third-side liquidity protocols like Saber, Raydium, etc. (under the terms and conditions are determined by the LP).
Raydium eSOL-SOL LP (you can create your own pair and add liquidity)
Quarry Liquidity Mining for Saber eSOL-SOL LP

DeFi Markets

Swap eSOL to any other token on Birdeye (powered by Jupiter Aggregator)
Serum Market ID eSOL-SOL


eSOL token on Birdeye
eSOL on Coingecko
eSOL on CoinMarketCap